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Remove a product from Walmart

Temporary Removal

To remove an item from Walmart temporarily, you can change its inventory level to "0" in the GeekSeller panel and submit the quantity to Walmart. The product will then show as "Out of Stock" for about 24 hours on, after which point it will be take down from the Walmart marketplace. It will still be listed in your Walmart Seller Center and in your GeekSeller panel, so in the future you can bring back this product to the marketplace by providing a positive quantity for this product.

If you have any quantity synchronizations turned on, like the Amazon to Walmart sync, if you enter a quantity of 0 it will be overwritten when the sync occurs , so you will need to make sure that you have manual control of the quantity for this particular product. You can set this option up by editing a product and going to Advanced Data tab as shown below:






***SKUs cannot be deleted from the Walmart database, they can only be marked as retired or archived. Deleting and starting again is not a valid option, as an archived SKU cannot be reused. The best way to remove a listing from Walmart is to update the quantity to 0. SKUs should only be archived if you are certain that they will never again be needed. Reversing this process is extremely difficult. Please use with caution.***

If you want to permanently remove a product from the Walmart marketplace, you can archive it using the process shown below:



You can also do this via, the option calls "Retire Item."