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Archiving and Reactivating JET Products

There are two ways to stop a product from selling on JET,
archiving the SKU OR setting the quantity to '0'.

Archiving a SKU is the closest thing to deleting a product that exists on Jet. It is important to note that JET identifies products by their SKUs. So once a SKU is archived, it can't be used for any other product. Also, once a SKU is archived, the process of reactivating it can take time.

Setting the quantity to '0' is a much better option if you plan to use the SKU or sell the product in the future. The product will be taken down once the '0' is sent. If you choose to bring the item back at any point, you can easily do so by submitting a positive quantity to JET.



1. You can archive a single product by clicking 'X' to the right of the product 

2. To archive multiple products at a time, check the box next to the products

3. Then go to the Bulk Action drop down menu

4. Choose Archive/Delete

5. Once item is archived in GeekSeller it can take up to a few days for the listing to be removed from JET. To speed it up, you can contact JET support and let them know you have archived products via API and need them to be taken down immediately.




1. To undelete a single product, on the right side under actions click the green arrow(see step 5)

2. Hover over the Products tab to reveal the Archived Products link

3. Follow that link to view your archived products

4. Check the box next products that need to be reactivated, then click Undelete

5. Then go to the main products page, find the reactivated product(s), and submit a positive quantity to JET for each one

Keep in Mind

  • When you reactivate a product, it is essential to the process to send a positive quantity to JET for that item immediately after clicking 'undelete'.
  • Normally it takes 24 hours or more for your products to be republished on JET.
  • The archived status my stay attached to a product even after it has been republished, which can cause it to go back to the archived section in GeekSeller.
  • If you have this problem, send a list of the SKUs you're reactivating to JET support ( ensuring them that you have already sent the reactivation request and positive quantities through JET API.

You can also view a product's status on For example, the screenshot below shows that the product's status is still reported as Archived. If it has been reactivated via GeekSeller, it's possible that it can already be listed on the JET marketplace. As soon as a product changes its status to LIVE in JET system, it will be removed from the Archived Products section on GeekSeller.  


If you see a correct statuses on, but not on GeekSeller, please click Refresh Statuses button on a products page. This will request a new list of statuses from JET - the update may take from 15 up to few hours, or few days if JET API has some temporary issues with delivering statuses updates.