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Submitting to JET only part of FBM inventory

Due to limitations of Amazon API, GeekSeller can get newest qty on FBM every 2 hours. Some users chose to specify percentage of Amazon inventory to be shown on JET.

You can adjust it in Extensions > Amazon.



This is how it works:

If 100% is provided, GeekSeller will submit to JET all the QTY which we read from your FBM every 2 hours (this frequency of updates is limited by Amazon API).

If you provide a number smaller than 100 (we suggest for example 70%), our system will submit to JET only this specified QTY to JET. Also, if you have on FBM less than 5 products we will submit to JET QTY 1, while if FBM has only QTY 1 we will submit to JET QTY 0.


1. If provided value is 100% we submit to JET the same QTY which is provided by FBM every 2 hours.

2. If provided value is less than 100%:
- we submit only provided percentage of FBM QTY to JET
- if FBM QTY is smaller than 5, we submit QTY 1 to JET
- if FBM QTY is 1, we submit to JET QTY 0