This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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How GeekSeller Amazon Extension works

Our Amazon extension (Extensions > Amazon) allows you to:

  • import your products data to GeekSeller, so that it can be submitted to JET (this is free, you can import your products without any additional charge)
  • keep qty in sync between Amazon (FBA and FBM) and GeekSeller, as well as fulfill JET orders by FBA (please note Walmart does not allow for shipping orders via FBA) - those two options costs $10/mo

See this document to learn how to connect your Amazon account with GeekSeller. Please note that you need to contact GeekSeller support in order to request an activation of the extension.

If you sell via FBM and FBA, and you want to connect them to JET, please make sure you have two fulfillment nodes, you can create them in > Fulfillment. You need to have two separate nodes: FBA and one representing your warehouse.



If you have your FBA fulfillment for JET turned on, we will fulfill automatically via FBA all orders which JET marks as purchased from FBA nodes. If an order comes for a node connected to FBM, you will receive an email about that and you will need to fulfill it yourself, from your warehouse.