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Walmart onboarding process (Step by Step)

It contains all of the information necessary for understanding the Walmart onboarding process.

It will take some time for you to prepare your products for Walmart submission, and there will be many things which will not be clear to you at the beginning.  This post explains all the steps you need to take to have your products live on Walmart. Make sure you read it and do not skip any information or steps.


Changing API Provider to GeekSeller?
If you sell already on Walmart and coming from another integration tool, there is no need for you to read this post. Your steps are:

  1. Invite us to your Walmart portal (you need to use an email address provided in your GeekSeller Welcome Email).
  2. Claim GeekSeller as your API integration platform to receive priority support
  3. Contact GeekSeller support to import your existing on Walmart product. However, you need to know that we will not be able to import all your data (Walmart API limitations), please see this post for details.



For new Walmart sellers:

STEP 1: Claim GeekSeller to be your API integration partner

Simply send an email to Walmart support and let them know that GeekSeller will be your integration platform. Click here for details how to do that.


STEP 2: Complete Walmart information for Seller Profile

Make sure you have provided all data in your Walmart Seller center under Seller Profile, see details here.


STEP 3: Invite GeekSeller to your Walmart account

This is not required, but very much recommended to invite us to your Walmart portal. This allows us to provide better support and assist in case of any issues which you may face.

When inviting us you need to invite an unique, dedicated for your account only email address, please contact GeekSeller support to receive this email address.


STEP 4: Insert Walmart API credentials to your GeekSeller settings page

Make sure to have your Walmart API credentials provided in GeekSeller settings page (see details here). 

If you invited GeekSeller to your Walmart Seller account (see the step above) our team will assist you with this step and insert API keys for you.



STEP 5: Prepare your products

Start with this post to understand how variations work on Walmart and how it is different from JET and Amazon.

You need to make sure to submit at least 1000 SKUs or at least 10% of your catalog to Walmart to be able to go live. 

Remember that Walmart only receives 10 feeds per hour, so try to submit your changes in the largest possible batches. 

You have few options to import data:

STEP 6: Test orders

You need to create and complete test orders on Walmart.

Important! Two (2) test orders must be placed, one should be shipped and returned, the other one just canceled). If you already have test orders generated, see this post how to complete them.

  • Do not forget about providing qty for your products.
  • Also, make sure that the orders testing (test shipping, refund and cancelation) must be done via GeekSeller dashboard, not via Walmart Seller Center. 


STEP 7: Syncing your inventory

***You need to make sure your products have qty larger than 0. Walmart will not push live products which do not have inventory level larger than 0.***

If you would like to sync your inventory with the following platforms, please let us know by emails us at All sync extensions are $10/month.

  •      Amazon (see steps here)
  •      EDI
  •      JET

Of course, you can also update qty manually via your GeekSeller dashboard or via CSV file import, see details here.


STEP 8: Going live

After testing is done, and you have uploaded 10% of your catalog (or 1000 SKUs) you need to let Walmart support know that you are ready to go live. You can do that either by creating a support ticket, or by clicking Go Live button located in the Launch Checklist drop down menu. 

You should also contact Walmart by creating a support ticket and let them know you are ready to go live.

If during the onboarding process you submitted just a part of your products, this is important to keep pushing more products to Walmart after you go live.