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Configuring item level shipping override settings on Walmart

This article explains how to create exceptions to your global shipping settings.

1.  Login to and edit a product which you want to assign shipping override. Open a tab called "Shipping overrides"



2. There will be a section 'shipping overrides,' please make sure to select all three values:

Please see this page for details about shipping standards on Walmart.


3. If you want to assign this shipping exception to more products, go back to products page, and export to a file your product, just make sure among them is a products for which you already assigned your exception to.

4. Delete all the columns except SKU and shippingOverrides:


5. Ready to import file will look like this. Save it and use Tools > Import/Export functionality. It is also recommended to use Tools > Backup before any major upload.


6. Remember that you need to now export this data to Walmart. This is done in a similar way you export products to a file, but now using Export to Walmart option:.


7. Go to Feed Status page and find submitted feed, it will be called Item Create/Update, pay attention to a date. It may take even few hours for a feed to appear on the list and be processed, so be patient. Also after the processing is done and some errors are reported you can see details on a See Details page. 

Unfortunately this is common that errors are reported. An error below shows a clear information about incorrect UPC or EAN code. However, sometimes you can see there very general errors such as ‘Walmart API error.’ In most cases re-submission off products help, sometimes you need to also submit  products individually rather than in a group, Walmart often has problems with processing larger submissions.