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Exporting products to Walmart

1. To export an individual product to Walmart, edit a product and click Save and Export to Walmart. 

2. For bulk export, go to a product page and use bulk action to export selected products to Walmart. With a drop down in the top right corner, you can adjust how many items you see per page.


2. Go to Feed Status page and find submitted feed, it will be called Item Create/Update, pay attention to a date. It may take even few hours for a feed to appear on the list and be processed, so be patient. Also after the processing is done and some errors are reported you can see details on a See Details page. 

Also, sometimes you may not see any feeds, this happens when Walmart API has some delays with delivering a list of feeds. Sometimes, you may need to wait several hours to see your feeds.

Unfortunately this is common that errors are reported. An error below shows a clear information about incorrect UPC or EAN code. However, sometimes you can see there very general errors such as ‘Walmart API error.’ In most cases resubmission off products help, sometimes you need to also submit  products individually rather than in a group, Walmart offers has problems with processing larger submissions.

The bold characters above is SKU. Description explains an error.

3. After your feed with products is processed without errors it may take few hours for an item to be shown on Also, please check this post about Walmart API limits. Of course, this is the case if you are live already. If you are still in the onboarding stage, your products will go live after Walmart approves you.

4. If you products show still 'Pending' status after your feed was processed, click "Refresh Statuses" located in the top right corner of the products list page.