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Creating variations on Walmart

Variations and attributes on Walmart


To make it look like this on



In GeekSeller panel on the list of products:




In GeekSeller panel when editing a single product:



CSV file structure (just a part of the file is shown):




Walmart is asking for GroupID, which has to be a unique value of letters and numbers, not SKU. Please note Walmart also wants to see only SKUs which are sellable.


JET variations vs. Amazon and Walmart

Walmart, Jet and Amazon have a different way of linking variations and creating child / parent relationships between products. 

Amazon expects to see parent products as an independent entry which is not seen to buyer, but which holds all children together


Jet needs to see only sellable products, and one of them must be selected as a parent product. Please note, a parent product cannot have anything provided in a parent column. Notice there is no ABC SKU here.


Walmart is asking for GroupID, which has to be a unique value of letters and numbers, not SKU. Please note Walmart also wants to see only SKUs which are sellable. Notice there is no ABC SKU here.


Steps to create a group on Walmart via GeekSeller interface.

1. Edit a product and scroll to a section where you select a category.

2. Provide an unique GroupID and select what are the attributes. You can select multiple attribute names. Please note you can select if a product is a Primary Variant. Only one product can have YES selected here and this will be the default variant shown to users when they land on the product page. 

3. If you select color attribute, you need to make sure you provide color information in the attributes value below.  

4. Make sure all products you link together have the same set of attributes selected, the sane category and group id.


Fixing grouping issue via CSV

1. Find products which you want to link together by searching for them by title on a product page, or if your products are already linked, you can search by a Group ID (see a screenshot below). 

Make sure that at least one of your products has correct values selected for attributes, this one product will be used as a template for other products.


2. You need to use a bulk action to export products to a file. If needed, adjust a drop down controlling how many products you see per page, so that all the products you want to link together are shown on one page:



3. Open the file you just downloaded, we recommend to remove unnecessary columns and keep only those which you will work on. In most cases you need to keep just those shown below. In this case products have color and size attributes,we need a separate column for each, so this could be different in your case if your products use different attributes. Please make sure to do not modify header names of your columns.


  • Subcategories are not required, but you need to make sure all your products from a group have same category assigned
  • Products must have a brand selected
  • variantAttributeName column specifies what are the attributes which define uniqueness of your SKU.The best way to get proper values for this column is by selecting them for one of your products in a product view of GeekSeller and then exporting this products to a file, so you can copy it for other SKUs.
  • variantGroupID must be the same for all your SKUs in a group, this is the parameter which holds together your group. Use only letters and numbers.
  • isPrimaryVariant - only one product can have value 1, other products in a group must have 0 in this column
  • clothingSize and color columns in this case are required since they are defined as attributes in a column variantAttributeName, this may be different in your case, if you use other attributes.

4. After fixing the issues, import a file via Tools > Import export XLS or CSV file. It is also recommended to use Tools > Backup before any major upload.

5. Now you need to submit those products to Walmart, in a similar way you export products to a file, but now using Export to Walmart option:.


6. Go to Feed Status page and find submitted feed, it will be called Item Create/Update, pay attention to a date. It may take even few hours for a feed to appear on the list and be processed, so be patient. Also after the processing is done and some errors are reported you can see details on a See Details page. 

Unfortunately this is common that errors are reported. An error below shows a clear information about incorrect UPC or EAN code. However, sometimes you can see there very general errors such as ‘Walmart API error.’ In most cases resubmission off products help, sometimes you need to also submit  products individually rather than in a group, Walmart offers has problems with processing larger submissions.



Using swatch image.


If you want to use a swatch image for example to show a color of your products instead of a drop down menu, you need to:

1. Provide a proper value in a 'swatchImage swatchVariantAttribute #1' column, in this example we use 'color' which is a value also used in a variantAttributeName column.

2. Create a proper swatch image, 100 x 100 pixels at 72 ppi. We recommend to host those swatch images on GeekSeller server, you can upload then on a product page. Read more here.

In your file properly assigned swatch images will look like this:



On a product page, like this:


Live example of a usage of swatch image:



Case study - fixing variations issue