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Overwrite SKU or Product ID (eg: GTIN, UPC, EAN) to fix an error 'another source product from the same seller/org id.'

There are situations in which Walmart requires merchants to force their system to overwrite information on existing products about SKU or Product ID (eg: GTIN, UPC, EAN). Described below steps are also used to fix an error 'Walmart error: Unable to complete the product data setup process. Unable to override sku because there exists another source product from the same seller/org id.'


1. Edit a product on your dashboard by clicking on its title. You will be taken to a product details page.


2. Scroll down and click on a tab:


3. It will show advanced options, among them a section called 'Additional Product Attributes'


4. Insert there value such as:


5. Click Save and Export to Walmart.

6. Go to Feed Status section to see if the submission was successful. Please note it may take even several hours for Walmart to process data.

7. Remove data which you insert in 'Additional Product Attributes' section, you want those additional attributes to be sent to Walmart just once.


How to fix an error: The Product Identifier (GTIN/UPC/ISBN/etc.) in the request is already setup with a different SKU. In case you are trying to change the SKU for this Product Identifier, please send us the sku_override flag in the request. Please visit Walmart Knowledgebase ( for more details.




In order to add this parameter to many products in bulk, you need to use the following headers in your CSV or XLS file. For example if you want to add sku_override to products, use additionalProductAttributes as a header and this as value:




For product id override you will use:



*** Important: after you upload this data to GeekSeller via file you need to export it to Walmart. Then you need to upload the same file but with empty attributes as shown below, to remove it from GeekSeller database. You do NOT export products again to Walmart after removing attributes from our database. ***