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Receiving orders for incorrect products

Sometimes JET catalog team incorrectly links products within JET system, which is causing merchants receive orders for products which they do not sell. You can detect it by editing an order in GeekSeller and checking a list of purchased products. A blu title is one provided by JET, the "Merchant Title" is one a seller provided. In the example below, a seller offers a single unit, but JET linked it to a 2Pack version of this product.

How to solve it: you need to contact JET at and let them know about the issue. Please provide them your SKU which is incorrectly liked and an example of an order. You should also edit a product on GeekSeller and double check if all data is correct, especially UPC, ASIN, Multiple Pack Qty and title. You should also resubmit a product to JET by clicking Save and Export to JET on a product page. You should mention to JET that you resubmitted data.