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FBA fulfillment and an issue with Order(s) in Breach of Fulfillment Policy

When you us our FBA fulfillment option for JET orders it may happen that Amazon is late with sending your order. In those cases, JET may send you an email about Breach of Fulfillment Policy. 

Amazon usually sends packages within 24 hours, sometimes it takes Amazon a bit more. 

Possible  solutions to this issue:

1. Keep in mind, GeekSeller submits to Amazon requests to ship orders as standard shipping, which is just what JET requires. If However, if late shipping happens just once every few months you can really ignore this issue, and just contact Amazon support and ask why some of your Multichannel FBA Orders are not sent within 24 hours.

2. You can adjust cut off time on your FBA Amazon node.

3. You can also adjust shipping options for FBA in > Extensions > Amazon. There is a drop down menu which allows you to specify shipping policy for FBA orders you want to use:

Before making adjustments, please make sure to understand Amazon shipping rates for each of those options. We usually do not suggest to make changes here and just stay with Standard option.