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How to create test orders for Walmart onboarding

Before placing test orders: please make sure you have completed Walmart Seller Center profile (Company Info, Customer Service, Shipping Options, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Tax Info), see details here. Your launch checklist should look like this:

Important! Do not mark the test order as done before you complete this step.


Make sure you place 2 test orders (not just one) - first order should be shipped and returned, the other one just canceled, see details below. 



1. Select one products which you were able to transfer to without errors.


2. Go to make this product costs some small amount, such as $10, and make it have qty 2 (to make sure qty was submitted to Walmart click a blue button on top of the page called 'Export Qty to Walmart'). Submit both price and Qty via GeekSeller dashboard:


3. Go to open click the Checklist drop down menu and click "Complete Item & Order Testing"

If for some reason you do not see this drop down menu or a link "Complete Item & Order Testing" - please contact Walmart support, explaining that you do not see an option to create test orders and you are requesting their support with that. 

4. On this page of publish your product by clicking the Publish Item link on the right side of the grid under the Actions column (you can only publish items that are in Stage status. If an item is still in process, wait for it to enter Stage status. If an item is in an Error state, resubmit the item). Once you publish the items, the items become available to Walmart customers.


5. On the same page on after your item is published, click the Purchase Item link on the right side of the grid. This will take you to the live item page where you can purchase your item on You will have to create a customer account on to purchase the item or items in your cart. Make two separate purchases.


If for some reason you cannot place a test order, please create a Walmart support tickets requesting test orders to be placed by Walmart support team. 


After you have test orders created you need to complete them: 

CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO COMPLETE TEST ORDERS (must be complete via GeekSeller interface)