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Create additional FBA fulfillment nodes in JET for handling multiple Amazon accounts.

When you use multiple Amazon accounts you need to have a separate node for each FBM and FBA account. JET allows you to have only one real FBA node, so you need to create a regular node and call it for example FBA 2. Below step by step how to create such node, however, you can also use this guide to see how to create a regular FBM node, you just need to make your own choices about shipping methods, charges etc.

1. Login to and go to fulfillment, then click on New Fulfillment Node.

2. There will be several steps. Those are settings for standard shipping method, which we recommend to use, JET expects merchants to send it this way. However, if you are planning to ship in a different method please see this page for rates (Multi-Channel Fulfillment).




Rates shown below may not be accurate, please see this document, you can also consult those numbers with JET support.


3. You can now contact GeekSeller support to assist you with setting up Amazon extension. To see your new node in GeekSeller, go to GeekSeller > Settings and Refresh Nodes.