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Can I easily adjust product description, title, images etc. once a product is live?

Once an item goes live, it is not easy to make updates to its content.

When you make updates on the SKUs image or description, it may change or it may not. Please remember that Jet uses an unified catalog and Jet reserves the right to choose which images/ description to use. The process is not automatic. Only shipping weight, pricing and qty are values that can be adjusted without an approval from Jet catalog team.

If you wish to make changes (text, images) to already approved products:

1. Submit changes by exporting products to JET

2. Contact JET catalog team at, providing them with a list of updated SKUs and request changes to content of your listings. When sending this requests, try to be as specific as you can providing information what changes you made to your products and why.

Please note, submitting updates usually do not take products back to under review state.