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How JET and GeekSeller calculate fees?

You can read more about JET fees in JET Terms document. Below an example of an order and fees applied:

Items Base Price - price of an item, this is the price you specify on your product page

Shipping Cost - calculated based on your fulfillment node shipping settings

Base Fee - JET’s fee, usually 15%, calculates as: (Products Price + Shipping Cost) * 15%

Total Payable - how much a merchant will receive from JET for this order

GeekSeller fee is calculated from Total payable: (Total payable) * 1%.  Please note that 1% GeekSeller’s fee in this case will be 9c ( $9.26 * 1%  =  $0.09 ). And this 9c will be paid by a merchant via Credit Card provided in GeekSeller billing section. The total payable are paid by JET to merchants.

Additional adjustments - a seller can also use JET Rules Engine to include additional adjustments / discounts.