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Message ‘excluded’ or errors about missing categories, variations, price and images stay even after fixing those issue.

If you corrected missing categories, variations, price or images errors and resubmitted product to JET, but still seeing the error messages, you can usually just re-submit your products and ignore those errors. This is how JET API works, once error was triggered, it will stay there even if it’s corrected. The missing image, categories or price sub status will not be removed until your products have been reviewed by JET team. However, this is also a good idea to actually send an email to and confirm with them that all data is visible on their end.

Also, very often missing price means that JET catalog team is reviewing your pricing and finding them being too high comparing to other marketplaces or competition. Do your research to find what other merchants ask for products similar or exact same as yours (on top of simply searching and, we recommend a data mining tool from ebay called datalabs).