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How to offer free shipping for selected products?

You need to use shipping exceptions.

  1. Edit a product.
  2. On a product page, scroll down to Fulfillment Nodes section and click a link “Set Price and Shipping exceptions for this Fulfillment Node

You will see a popup, in which you need to add the following (make sure to select a proper option for Service or Shipping Method, to match what you have in settings in > Fulfillment for this fulfillment node):

This shown above setting will make your product listed as Free Shipping.




Shipping Exception Example 1: in order to restrict that a product must be shipped always only with UPS Ground, you need to select (notice that since Shipping Method is selected, we cannot select Service Level, also Overwrite Type and Charge Amount are not selected, while Exclusive option in Exception Type makes this method to be the only one available for this product in this fulfillment node):

Shipping Exception Example 2: providing a fixed shipping cost for selected product product (in this case a fixed cost of $10 for a standard shipping service):