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Transferring Jet items into Walmart portal.

1. Log in to your Walmart Geekseller portal.

2. Under the Tools Menu, select "Import Products from"

3. On the next page, you should see your Jet products listed. You have a few options.

 a. You can import all of the products you have in your Jet portal with or without variations. These buttons only work if you have 1000 items or less to import.

    i. With variations means you'd like to keep your parent and child products linked together. If you do not have any parent/child relationships set up, please disregard this.
   ii. Without variations means you want to separate the parent and child relationships you have set up between your products. 

b. If you have more than 1000 products, you'll need to move them 1000 at a time. Change the number of items per page on the right, select the box next to the word "Image" (which will select all of the items on the page), and then select select "Import from GeekSeller/Jet" under Bulk action.

c. If you do not want to import all of your products, you can select the specific products by clicking the squares to the left of the items (not the one next to the word "Image"), then completing Step 3 from the image above.


Once this is complete, you will be able to see your items under the Products page in the Walmart portal. 

*Note, this does not automatically export your items to Walmart. Your items will still be in "Draft" status and you will still need to export them to Walmart in order to be reviewed and listed for sale.