This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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How do I process an order?

1. Log into your GeekSeller portal.

2. Click on the Orders tab in the top menu.

3. Find the order you are looking to process in the list below.

4. Click the blue "See Details" button for the order in question.

5. If your order has not already been acknowledged, you will see two buttons to the right, one green button and one red button. The green button allows you to accept the order, while the red button rejects and cancels the order. 

6. If you have acknowledged the order (or it has been automatically acknowledged for you), the next step is to add the tracking information. In order to do so, scroll all the way down the order page. There, you will see a box that looks like this:

It is in this area that you will enter your tracking information.

7. Once the tracking information has been added, click the green button below to ship and complete the order.

*Note: Once you have submitted your tracking data, it cannot be changed. If you do need to change it, please contact the marketplace through which you sold the item so they can notify the buyer of any tracking information changes.