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What can GeekSeller do to speed up the approval process?

We cannot do much as far as speeding up the JET approval process, as there are many merchants waiting for their products to be approved. However, keep in mind that the more products you submit, the better. It is also good if you update your inventory levels and submit them to JET. GeekSeller does this automatically if you use our Amazon extension (we synchronize our qty levels with FBM and FBA). Otherwise, you will need to do that manually via the GeekSeller panel, by either importing a CSV file with your inventory levels or manually changing the numbers for fulfillment nodes by editing each individual product.

Note, that there is an important thing you should do. Every 2-3 weeks, if your products are still under review, contact the JET team and ask where they are in their review process with your products (and even ask for your data audit). Unfortunately, the JET team could have already reviewed your products and found an issue and did not notify you about that. In this case, your products will still be listed as “Under Review,” while they are essentially stuck in the process, because of errors in the feed. Reaching out to the JET team may reveal those issues quicker, and then we can help you to fix the unresolved issues and get your products approved.