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Multipack Quantity on JET


The Multipack Quantity reflects the number of units represented by your SKU. This value relies on what the UPC (or other identifier) associated with your SKU represents.
It is important that sellers specify the correct Multipack Quantity based on the product's UPC or other unique identifier. This field must be a whole number.  

If the UPC represents a pack of four, but the SKU is for one of that UPC then the Multipack Quantity is 1.
If the UPC represents a single product, but your SKU is for a pack of four, the Multipack Quantity is 4.

If your UPC represents one item, the Multipack Quantity should represent the number of units you ship in a package when somebody purchases your SKU. As shown in the example above, the UPC ABCD represents just one unit, so if you sell a SKU that is pack of three, you will use three as the Multipack Quantity(you sell three single units).

If your SKU has a UPC that represents a pack of two, and you are sending one pack of two, then the Mulipack Quantity should be 1. As shown above, the UPC DCBA represents two units, so when you sell one of that SKU you are shipping two units because two units are represented by the UPC.

If your SKU represents two packs and your UPC represents a pack of two, the Multipack Quantity would be two. When a buyer purchases the SKU 'Big Cream Pack' in the example above, they choose one of that SKU, which represents two of the UPC DCBA. So they will receive 4 units total. The UPC in this case would be officially registered to a pack of two.