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How to stop Amazon quantity sync for selected products on JET

If you want to stop selling a certain Amazon product on JET, but you do not want to archive it, you need to update the quantity for that product to 0. However, if your Amazon Extension is turned on, your manual changes will be overwritten by the quantity coming in from Amazon.

Follow these steps to turn off quantity sync for a selected product while keeping the Amazon Extension active:

1. Click on the product in question

2. In a "Amazon SKU" field, provide a fake Amazon SKU and click on "Save and Export to"

This causes GeekSeller to search for this SKU in your Amazon account, because it does not exist, we do not have a quantity for this SKU and the quantity 0 will be placed in the node associated with your Amazon account:


To resume quantity sync between GeekSeller and Amazon, simply remove the fake Amazon SKU(keeping it empty) and save the product either with or without exporting data to JET.

Also, if you want to manually control the quantity for this product, you will need to create a new node on You cannot use a node that is connected to your Amazon extension for manual quantity adjustments.