This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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How to Check the History of an Order via

1. Log into your Jet Partner account at

2. Go to the "Orders" section

3 Click on the order number to view the order's details:


This section shows the time and date when the order entered the created, ready, and acknowledged statuses, as shown below: 


Status descriptions:

Created – The order was created by, but not yet released for fulfillment. Jet may need to complete additional steps before making the order “Ready”.

Important: Generally an order should reach GeekSeller within minutes. Occasionally, an order may incur delays due to an error or delay with Jet’s API, Jet’s Fraud check, or the buyer may have made adjustments to their order. GeekSeller does not have any control over the order at this stage.

Ready - The order is sent to GeekSeller at this stage. We automatically acknowledge the order within 15 minutes.

Acknowledged – The order was acknowledged automatically by GeekSeller. Now, the order is ready to be fulfilled.

Inprogress - The order has been partially shipped or cancelled.

Complete - All products in the order have shipped or cancelled.