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Finding the Right Category for Walmart Products

You might see a product similar to yours listed under a certain category on, but when you're trying to create your product you can't seem to find the same category.

For example, on Walmart you may see

But in GeekSeller you see

It's important to note that when you are adding a category to your product before submitting it, you are choosing what best fits your product from the list of categories and subcategories provided by Walmart. GeekSeller cannot create a more specific category in our system that does not exist on the list provided to us by Walmart.

These initial categories may not be as specific as you would like for them to be, but their main function at this step in the process, is to direct you to what attribute information Walmart will need for your product. Once Walmart reviews your product, they may assign a more specific category.

This is an example of the categorization guide that Walmart has provided;

Please note how the subcategories each encompass a wide array of items associated with it. At this point in the process the goal is not for you to find your exact category, but to provide Walmart with an idea of what family of products your product belongs to.