This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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How to invite GeekSeller to JET Partner Portal

We ask our users to invite GeekSeller to their account as a developer. This will allow us to assist with switching accounts to live mode, make sure that all settings and product submissions are correct, and enable us to more easily identify the cause of any issues that may need investigating.

1. Go to > Account > User and click "Add a user"



2. You will see a popup

  • GeekSeller needs Developer permission.
  • Use email address, where XXX is an unique number assigned to your account and provided in your Welcome Email, you can also ask our support for the email address that has been assigned to you.

**Please type this email address into the JET panel rather than using copy and paste**
**JET may not recognize the plus sign if it is pasted**