This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
We invite you to visit our new support pages at onboarding process (Step by Step)

It contains all of the information necessary for understanding the JET onboarding process.

It will take time for your products to be approved, and there will be many things which will not be clear to you at the beginning.  This post explains all the steps you need to take to have your products live on JET. Make sure you read it and do not skip any information or steps.

Changing API Provider to GeekSeller?
If you sell already on JET and coming from another integration tool, there is no need for you to read this post. Just invite GeekSeller to your JET portal (you need to use an email address provided in your GeekSeller Welcome Email) and read this post for details how to switch your API integration provider.



For new JET sellers:

STEP 1: Complete JET Portal information

Before we can complete API Test for your account (you do not do the TEST API step), you need to make sure that in portal you have provided the following information:

  • Company Details
  • Bank Details
  • Fulfillment Settings (see our video how to do that)
  • Contact Information

*** Problem with login to Please try Chrome browser in an incognito mode, you can also clean cookies and a history of your browser. ***


STEP 2: Invite GeekSeller to JET Portal

Invite GeekSeller to your JET portal, you need to use an email address provided in your GeekSeller Welcome Email.

Having an access to your JET Portal allows us to complete the Jet TEST API requirement mentioned in the previous step. As soon as we complete the test, we will notify you via email and follow up with details about the next steps, which you can also see below.


This is how your JET Portal will look after GeekSeller completed your TEST API step. This screen will later change again after we submit the first set of products that you want JET to review:



STEP 3: Import products

Submit as many products as you can for the first submission and make your product listings as complete as possible.

  • The more products you submit, and the more inventory available you have, the better. If you submit one product, JET will put your product on the very end of the requests for review and you will wait months. Many merchants want to submit a product or two, to see how it works, and then upload more inventory. However, this does not work well with JET.
  • You need to submit as many products for the first JET review as you can! JET prioritizes merchants with 1000’s or at least 100’s of products before those with only a few. Also, not all fields are required for submitting products to JET, but we strongly encourage you to fill out most of them.


You have several options to import your products:


STEP 4: Syncing your inventory

***You need to make sure your products have qty larger than 0. JET will not approve products which do not have inventory level larger than 0.***

If you would like to sync your inventory with the following platforms, please let us know by emails us at All sync extensions are $10/month.

  •      Amazon (see steps here)
  •      BigCommerce
  •      EDI
  •      Shopify (use panel)

Of course, you can also update qty manually via your GeekSeller dashboard or via CSV file import, see details here.

STEP 5: Submission of your products

If all the previous steps are complete, your products can be submitted to JET for review.

If your products are in DRAFT, that means they are not submitted to JET yet, and they just exist in GeekSeller database. When you are ready to send products to JET there are few options to do so:

  • If you would like us to submit your products to JET in bulk please contact GeekSeller support, this option is recommended if you have several hundreds or thousands of products.
  • If you want to submit only selected items or you have very few SKUs, you can do that on your own, please see this post.



STEP 6: JET Review process

After your products are submitted to JET they will turn from Draft to Pending to Under Review status.

It may take even 2 weeks for JET to approve them. If your products are still under review after about 2 weeks, please contact JET support ( and ask them what is stopping your products from being approved.

Please note, usually sellers are not notified by JET about products being approved, and usually JET approves products in stages, not all of them at once, see details here. Many merchants receive the first orders while their products are still listed as “Under Review.” Very often, your products are listed with “Under Review” status even if they are already available on this marketplace, a status of those products will change to “Approved” in a few days time.

If you login to after submission of products, you will notice in the left bottom corner LIVE/TEST buttons. Please note that having it selected as TEST does not mean your account is in TEST mode. Those buttons only switch a view between TEST and LIVE dashboard. By now testing of your account is complete, so you should just switch a view to LIVE to see statistics of your LIVE Jet environment.


STEP 7: Learn more about JET and optimize your listing

Use GeekSeller FAQ resources to learn more about JET marketplace. JET is very much different than other channel, you need to spend some time to understand how it works and how to optimize your offerings to be successful on JET.