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Changing SKU for already submitted to JET or Walmart products

Once you submit a products to JET or Walmart, you cannot change its SKU. This is because SKU is an unique identifier of your products within JET and Walmart interface. 

*** Please note, this does not apply to products in DRAFT. Draft products are located on GeekSeller only and were not submitted to the marketplace yet. If you want to adjust SKU for a products in Draft simply export your drafts to a file, adjust SKUs, re-upload a file with new SKUs. You will see duplicates of products, all you need to do it delete the versions with old SKU codes (of course you can also delete them before you upload products with correct SKUs).***


Below are steps you to take if you want to list already submitted to JET or Walmart products with a different SKU:

  1. Go to Tools > Backup and create a backup of your data.
  2. Use Tools > Export Products to CSV/XLS to download products that you want to change your SKUs for.
  3. Adjust SKU code in a downloaded file and import them to GeekSeller (Tools > Import products from CSV/XLS).
  4. You will see duplicated version of your products, those with correct and incorrect SKUs.
  5. Make sure your new SKUs have qty above 0, then submit them to JET (or Walmart).
  6. Archive a product with incorrect SKUs (click here how to do that for JET Archive products, for Walmart simply click Archive or login to and Retire a product).
  7. If you do it for Walmart, you just need to monitor feeds of your submission, and contact GeekSeller for support if the feeds fail.

    If you do it for JET contact them at and let them know you had to update your SKUs. Tell them you had archived products with an incorrect SKU code (provide them with a list) and you have submitted new, correct SKUs (also provide a list). You can also CC on your email. JET should be able to confirm that they see your archive request and new SKUs submitted.