This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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Update shipping exceptions for many products in bulk

In this example we will show how to assign a free shipping exception for many products.

  1. Pick one of products which you want to use an exception for and edit it.
  2. On a product page, scroll down to Fulfillment Nodes section and click a link “Set Price and Shipping exceptions for this Fulfillment Node

    You will see a popup, in which you need to add the following (make sure to select a proper option for Service or Shipping Method, to match what you have in settings in > Fulfillment for this fulfillment node). 

    This shown above setting will make your product listed as Free Shipping.

  3. Click Save and Export to JET. You should see that a product was submitted correctly, if there will be any Shipping Exception issue you will see a message and you will need to correct it.
  4. Go to Products page and export this product to a file:
  5. Edit a file, you are interested in Shipping Exception columns only, you can delete everything else. For example.

    Initially downloaded file:

    A file after removing unnecessary columns: 

    As much as you can remove freely columns (except Merchant SKU) and change their orders, header names of columns are very important, and you cannot modify them. In the example above the name of a node which we are modifying a shipping exception for is GeekSeller NYC.

  6. Now you just need to insert SKUs which you want to apply the same rule for, and copy the values as show below:

  7. Save a file.
  8. Go to Tools > Backup to create a backup of your data.
  9. Use Tools > Products Import via CSV/XLS to upload data. Remember that this upload has few steps:
    1. Upload a file
    2. Review uploaded data to check if everything looks correctly
    3. Click import to complete the process
  10. The previous step will just update data in GeekSeller database, now you need to submit products to JET. You can either do that on your own, or contact GeekSeller support and we can do it for you in bulk.