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Walmart Promotions

Walmart promotions are not easy to set up, there are many restrictions on how they can be activated and deactivated. Before you set up a promotion, please make sure to read the details of how they work and start with creating a promotion for one product and confirm it works as you wish before you apply it to other products. 


If you are looking for a simple promotion to be added to your products, please see Reduced Price option. It is a much simpler version of promotions. Options below are just more fancy ways of showing your new price (they show badges), allowed to be scheduled and controlled where they can be displayed (for example only in a cart or in checkout).


Types of promotions

You can read about it on this Walmart FAQ page or see the brief overview below.

Clearance - This should be used only when you're trying to clear out your inventory by significantly reducing the price (e.g., when an item is discontinued). If your item has a Clearance promotion and wins the Buy Box on the item page, it is displayed with a Clearance badge and the comparison price, similar to the image below. In this case, the price is $159.99 and the comparison price is $199.99.
  Reduced - This should be used if savings are greater than $5 for items that cost more than $100, or 5% for items less than $100. This promotion functions the same as the Clearance promotion, except the badge displays Reduced.

Base - Walmart also provides a 'promotion type' called base which is used to delete promotions that are live. You can also use it to hide your prices from a product page and display it in a cart or checkout only


Anatomy of a buy box:


Restrictions on promotions (Very Important!):

  • You can set up to 10 promotions for a single product
  • The effective start date for a given promotion should be more than four hours from the current date and time
  • You cannot cancel a promotion within four hours of the start time, if you want to remove it you will need to overwrite it by using Base promotion with the same parameters as initial promotion, and a regular price of your product.
  • Effective Date and Expiration Date are required
  • A promotion Expiration Date cannot be before or equal to the promotion Effective Date.
  • The Expiration Date of a given promotion cannot be later than 365 days from the current date and time. Any promotions beyond 365 days will result in an error.
  • You cannot run multiple promotions for a given product at the same time. This means you cannot schedule promotions with overlapping time frames.
  • Warning: promotion that already started cannot be stopped. You can change product price only by modifying such promotion. Be careful with setting up promotions with long expiration dates.


Setting up promotions

1. Go to a list of products. If a product already has a promotion added click on the "Promotions" label:

To create a new promotion you need to edit a product(by clicking on its title) and then use the "Edit Promotions" button.

2. You can click "Load Promotions from Walmart" to check if your products has any promotions already running on Walmart, but which for some reason are not listed in GeekSeller panel.

3. You can click "Add New Promotion" to add new promotion.

4. By clicking "Save without Exporting to Walmart" you will save this promotions settings on GeekSeller, but no data will be sent to Walmart. To submit your promotion to Walmart click "Save and Export to Walmart."


Examples of promotions

See Price in a cart promotion:

To set it up use this setting:



To create a promotion with a price of 30.15, discount from 39.99 and insert Clearance badge use:



To delete a promotion:

You cannot delete a promotion within four hours of its start time. Instead, you must wait for the promotion to start and then cancel it immediately using the example blow.

You cannot delete a promotion that is live; you can only cancel it. To cancel a live promotion, create a promotion with:

- Promotions Status as Active

- Promo Type as Base

- Promo Price set equal to Price that you want to display

- Start Date and End Date unchanged


***After you submit any promotion, go to Feed Statuses section to verify it was processed correctly.***




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