This FAQ is not anymore maintained and may contain outdated information. It will be soon removed.
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Changing JET API provider to GeekSeller, how to switch

1. If your previous integration partner used Direct API integration, this means you have your API keys.

1. Make sure you disconnect with the old API integration partner. You cannot use two API integration systems at the same time.

2. Copy your API keys from to your GeekSeller Profile.

3. Contact us at to request an import of your existing products from JET to our system.


2. If you were using an integration partner which does not use Direct API Integration (for example CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor), you will not see your API keys in JET Partner Portal and you need to follow those steps:

1. Invite GeekSeller to your JET Partner portal - see details in your Welcome Email.

2. Contact JET support at and let them know you are switching to GeekSeller and you would like them to generate for your account API Keys (you can CC on your email to JET support). Jet will put your account on hold for about 2 days while they are generating the keys and switching your account to Direct API Integration. JET will also put seller products to a state Unauthorized to prevent a situation in which orders are coming while the switch to a new API integration partner is not done yet.

3. When API Keys are generated (usually JET does not notify sellers or GeekSeller about that, so we need to keep an eye out to see if API keys are available in JET panel), those keys need to be copied to seller's GeekSeller Profile. At this point the integration is complete and JET has to be notified that a seller can now be switched back to live mode and start selling via GeekSeller.

4. In the meantime, a seller needs to contact GeekSeller at and request an import of existing JET products to the GeekSeller system.