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GeekSeller/JET integration with Shopify

How it works:

  1. GeekSeller receives an order from JET and if there is enough inventory on Shopify to fulfill this order, we acknowledge it, then after about 30 min an order is submitted to Shopify (a delay is there because JET has 30 minutes to cancel orders).
  2. A seller needs to fulfill an order via Shopify interface and (required) assign a tracking number.
  3. Within about 30 min after an order is complete in Shopify, GeekSeller will read it and submit to JET.
  4. After successful submission of an order to JET, GeekSeller will automatically archived your order in Shopify.


Important highlights:

  • You do not manually insert tracking numbers via GeekSeller panel, you complete orders via Shopify interface.
  • Cancelation of orders must be done via GeekSeller interface
  • Make sure your orders have tracking numbers assigned. GeekSeller will not submit orders to JET without tracking numbers.
  • You do not manually archive orders on Shopify, GeekSeller does it.
  • GeekSeller synchronizes qty between Shopify and JET every 2 hours, however, when a new order comes GeekSeller checks an availability of products directly on Shopify. This means qty information store on GeekSeller are used for submitting it to JET, but for decisions if an order can be fulfilled, GeekSeller uses directly accessible data from Shopify checked at the moment when a new order comes.