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Guideline to writing Jet Item Titles, Descriptions, and Bullet Points

When preparing descriptions and bullet points for Jet items, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Below is a list of things to leave out of your descriptions and bullet points on Jet;

  • Sales information
    • Don’t say anything about cost or promotions
    • Don’t use language like “Buy now” or “Don’t miss this deal” or “Click ‘Add to Cart’”
    • Don’t talk about shipping cost or times
  • Legal restrictions
    • Don’t reference trademarked or copyrighted products without license to do so
    • Try to avoid making unsubstantiated claims as to health and safety benefits
    • Don’t use inaccurate or misleading brand names
    • Avoid phrases like “100% satisfaction guaranteed” or “100% money back guarantee”
  • Formatting
    • Don’t use any special characters
    • Avoid using all caps

In addition to the guidelines listed above, an item’s title must also exclude any information on an item’s specific attributes, such as color or size.