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How to complete Walmart onboarding test orders

Make sure you have place 2 test orders (not just one) - first order should be shipped and returned, the other one just canceled, see details below. 


After you create test orders as shown here, or after Walmart support created those test orders for you, follow the steps below:



1. Go to Orders section.

You will see there two orders. If you do not see them, please wait some time, since the order may stuck in fraud detection process and thus can take from few minutes and in rare cases couple of hours before orders show up.

2. Order cancellation testing.

A). Click "See Details" on the first order.

B). Scroll to the bottom of the order page and click [Cancel] button in the Action column in the rows you want to cancel:

No further action is needed. Cancellation applies to one row only and cannot be undone.

3. Order shipping testing.

A). Go to Orders section, edit the second order and click [Ship] button in the Action column. Please note this is a test order, do not actually ship test order.

B). Shipping details form will appear.

All fields except “Tracking URL” are required. Walmart validates all fields and if at least one of them has wrong format then shipping is rejected and no error message is returned. However, GeekSeller fills out all fields for you and you just need to provide a tracking number, you can use a fake number:

You can ship only rows which have status “Acknowledged”. When you submit shipping data a row should change its status to “Shipped”. Shipping also applies to one row only. If an order has multiple rows, shipping form has to be fulfilled separately for all of them.


4. Order refund testing:

Go to Orders section, and edit the second order which you just shipped in the previous step. Then scroll to the product you shipped and click [Refund].

Refund details form will appear.

You can refund only rows that were shipped. The amount specified as the refund cannot be greater than the amount that was charged for the row. After successful refund proper information will appear in Status column.